Using Fear to your advantage

   Everybody has a fear but It should never hold you back. Fears should be used as stepping stones of learning and gaining strength within oneself. Maybe it’s a fear to move, heal , experience , love or even to learn. When the fears come up in your mind choose to move past that fear , do not stop because of this fearful idea. Your mind does not control you. It is meant to work along side with you, it is a tool. Just because your mind has decided to play out a scenario does not mean you have to go along with the concept. Your mind is simply a tool and sometimes that tool can wander off when there is no focus or if there are many fears/anxiety’s built up from childhood or other traumas. Having a life built off fears can create a life with limits, fake narratives and unbalanced self care.
Realizing: Nothing is going to happen , and if it does, it was meant to for its own reasonings and you are capable of finding your way through the situation.
  • If the tragedy was in the *past* than work on healing to let go. You can allow yourself to let those emotions finally flow through you then out of you. Releasing the energy that you feel holds you back. Little by little you practice breathing through the pain and reminding yourself “I am here” . Learning the power of letting go will be a great start & motivator to help you grow and move forward spiritually.


  • If the tragedy is in the *present* stay focused in your NOW. Create the best actions and choices for yourself to help you continue to move forward in these very moments. Reminding yourself you have power in your choices. Avoid things you know push your boundaries when it comes to healing and choose the reaction of growth in every moment you can.


  • If the tragedy is in the *future* Realize you are not there yet. Why make up stories? Why the need to control the narrative? You are HERE, NOW. You have no control of the future , only your reaction to your very moment NOW. Don’t keep your mind busy with scenarios that haven’t even happened. Handle those moments when they are in front of you in those very moments. Your reactions are what is most important, not controlling the outcomes around you. You are not there, you are here.
Take your “what if’s” and realize they do nothing but stop you from continuing what more you can do. “What if….I can’t get this new job?” Well , what about it? You try again! Find the next opportunity, don’t let a “no” or a “mishappen” make you immediately have a negative perspective . You keep going, that is the trick. Through Everything you make the choice to continue, instead of filling yourself with doubt because of one small detour. There are more opportunities and that is the most beautiful part of all!
   Overtime, you will see the bigger picture if you continue to choose to learn through fears. You will be more in tune to the moment due to having your mind more focused on what is happening right in front of you rather than in the past or future. Make the conversations , eye contact, unity , focus you need in those very moments to help you stay present. If you find yourself losing focus be self-aware of that and come back to the moment. Everything is temporary so why not focus on what’s temporarily happening in front of you. Let those small detours that create anxiety or fear in the mind be your guide to learn a new thing to overcome instead of viewing it as something “horrible” , “inconvenient “ or “uncontrollable“.
   When you realize there is a dance to be learned when overcoming your anxiety and fears it becomes easier to keep up with the dance of life through the highs and lows. There is no one bad pulling your strings but yourself when you feed into the fears. The fears built in you from childhood, relatives, governments, media , friends and authorities. Do not let their idea of fear fill your mind. When you conquer your fears you open your life up to new realities that are more peaceful and understanding. Be free from a systematic idea that holds you back from YOU,  conquering your fears and connecting with Source.
Continue to fight for your truth.
You are worth it and you always have been.
Take the steps to walk into your light.
Little by little conquer the art of being you and walking with God.
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