• Blocked By Human Logic

     As many of us who have done some deep research into the Universe, you may have heard that human logic is what blocks one from truly understanding the Universe, also blocking Oneself from connecting with the universe. We tend to seek for the perfect answer and because...

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  • The Past, Present, & Future

    What you are about to read may feel questionable but I merely want to share a story with you that may help some of you remember a part of your soul's journey. This will be a general overview of a small part of our history that created Earth and a part of how we came to be on Earth. It begins in one of our home planets: Terra. To understand Terra we have to take …

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  • Understanding The Secrets of Amenti

     "The Secrets of Amenti" was a contract that was put into place millions of years ago by our Founders. Our Founders put this into place due to distortions that would happen in our time matrix. These distortions were due tootherworldly beings that

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  • The Maharic Seal Activation

    The Maharic Seal is a way to activate your original DNA. We all have a Maharic seal / shield.

    Activating the Maharic shield will help protect you from....

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