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  • Understanding Density & beyond: One Consciousness

     In each density level, Consciousness expresses itself differently, this means it has different characteristics in each density. Learning this can help you understand a part of the process created by the One Consciousness, which is...

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  • Blocked By Human Logic

     As many of us who have done some deep research into the Universe, you may have heard that human logic is what blocks one from truly understanding the Universe, also blocking Oneself from connecting with the universe. We tend to seek for the perfect answer and because...

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  • Death Of Ego

    Death of Ego To understand what Death of Ego is we have to understand what Ego is and how it can help or affect you. Ego isn’t “bad” nor is it “good”, it is merely a tool used for your experience. Ego was created so when it...

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Meet SpaceStoria

I am grateful that you have come across my site whether it is to read blogs I have written, shop through my art & merchandise I personally create, or just checking around! Spacestoria has been a fun outlet for me to release my creativity and expression! I have always loved to create in many ways since a young age. It's important for us beings to find what we love and take the action to create it for ourselves, even in the "smallest" of ways. I hope to continue to grow my site while sharing light and love through my art and blogs. Thank YOU!