• A war against Humanity

     May 4, 2023

    A "spiritual war" has been at play and it so happens that we are in the middle of it. As certain events continue to unfold many souls will begin to see the truth. Though many see the truth, some will continue to choose avoid seeing it. The truth of seeing is the choice of the individual. This choice of energy was purposely created for many reasons, since thousands of years ago. You are a soul here with the ability to utilize your free-will. When you are not aware of the use of your free-will it allows for others.... 

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  • Using fear to your advantage

    May 29, 2023

    Everybody has a fear but It should never hold you back. Fears should be used as stepping stones of learning and gaining strength within oneself. Maybe it’s a fear to move, heal , experience , love or even to learn. When the fears come up in your mind choose to move past that fear , do not stop because of this fearful idea. Your mind does not control you. It is meant to work along side with you, it is a tool. Just because your mind has decided to play out a scenario does not mean you have to go along with the concept. Your mind is simply a...

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