The Art Of Letting Go

  We all know certain things can be difficult to "let go" of whether it is on an emotional or physical level.  Sometimes it seems so far out of mind to be able to just flow, especially if you feel you must be in control of your environment around. But, lets be real, it is so exhausting on a daily carrying around a suffering (emotional or physical baggage) that you feel you must carry. There must be a way to let this all go, right? Well, thankfully there is. It does require YOU to step up and open your mind to a new point of view, maybe just for the sake of this blog. Even so, take what you can from this. We will go over some concepts that hopefully can help you find a way to see this baggage from a 3rd point of view, through higher self's eyes. 

Karmic Cycle: 

  Emotional or physical baggage comes up in many different ways in your NOW. Emotional baggage affects your mental state (negative thoughts, antsy, depression ect. ) and physical baggage shows up through your health (sick often , frequent headaches, ect.) . If you are carrying around past trauma , understand that you are ALLOWED to let it go. If you choose that you don't  want to let go of it, well that's a different story for yourself and you are free to make that choice to carry the weight with you in this lifetime. You are simply creating a karmic cycle with yourself if you choose to not let go. This karmic cycle will keep you stuck in what you believe is your suffering until you realize: you don't need to suffer. Once a being has realized they have a choice, rather then choosing to hold on to baggage, the karmic cycle begins to break to allow new energy in. Karma is no ones but your own. You create your own karma and you can remove it by evolving yourself. "Well I don't want to let go because this is my truth" , so be it. If that is what you choose to be your truth in this life time, you may choose that.

Ego won't let go:

   When one has a hard time to let go they are simply having difficulty understanding it is their Ego holding on. Let me help you understand the tool you have in your body, EGO. A fine example by a being named Bashar: you are about to go scuba-diving in the deep ocean. If you were to go without a mask into the water you can't see so well because it is not your true environment. You need gear, your scuba-mask, to go in so you can see clearly in the ocean. The scuba-mask represents your ego. You can not experience Earth fully unless you have your scuba-mask on (ego). The scuba-mask is a tool that helps you see around you. 

   Imagine you are spirit flowing in the Universe. You suddenly chose to come to Earth for self-growth purposes (Ascension) & by growing yourself you help Earth in the process. When you come to Earth as spirit it is difficult to enjoy the experience here because, well, YOU ARE SPIRIT. Spirit itself has no need for anything on Earth so "Ego" was created so you can experience this level, this world. 

   What does your ego consists of? Your personality & thoughts for Earth. If your thoughts are negative, ego will show that. If your thoughts are balanced, your ego will show that. Spirit can flow through ego and work together to be TRUE YOU while experiencing Earth. Ego is what helps you have the experience here. Sometimes we allow Ego to take over the experience here forgetting YOU ARE SPIRIT! Remind ego, it is not in control. Due to Ego taking over, if not noticed, it begins to hold on to stories that make it feel "safe" , not allowing the being to grow because it wants to defend its stories or the stories society formed. Ego gets comfortable with excuses which we all know can create a lack in growth.

Letting go:

 When you have understood what your ego is it should be easier to identify the issues within yourself. You realize it's not that "you can't make it" , its' that ego is telling you that story as an excuse so you won't move forward because ego is comfortable.  If you need help identifying the issue try this technique: imagine you are in a large empty space (can be a warehouse as described by Bashar) . In this space you have a box in the middle. This box can be large or small, clear or colorful, you're choice. Face this empty box and begin to pour your thoughts into this box. Negative, positive, mad, sad, work tomorrow, cut the grass, take the kids to school, cook, clean, find a passion, ALL THOSE THOUGHTS continue to pour them into the box until your mind is empty. You will come back to these thoughts later so don't stress them, leave them there, alone, in the box. Now after you poured your thoughts in the box, you see these thoughts floating in the box, they are just that, thoughts floating in a box. Leave them there. You are fine, you don't need them now. You are safe. When you are ready, begin to step away from the box. You can walk backwards, or however you please but begin to move away from the box. As you walk away from the box you leave through a door that is available for you. As you walk towards the door, you see the box still , you see thoughts but you begin to see how small they are becoming as you walk away. They are just that, things in a box. You step outside the door. Once outside the door, it can be rainy or sunny, dark or cloudy. You see and feel this environment you are now in. At this point your mind is with spirit, not in the physical mind. You see your box far way from you. You close the door. Leave the box in the warehouse. you don't need it. You are with true you now. In peace, in silence, in spirit mind, feeling the environment you created for yourself. You are at peace and can see that your thoughts are simply that, just thoughts. You don't need to take them with you. Now, When you are ready you may begin to open the door and walk back towards your box, slowly. Once at the box you may begin to put the thoughts slowly back into your head but feel free to leave the ones behind that you don't choose to carry with you anymore. You realized you don't need those thoughts, they are just thoughts.They are small, they don't hurt you , they are simply guides. Guides to unlocking the issues you can work on and heal from so you can let go and become the best YOU here on Earth, in your present environment.

  Seeing all of your thoughts out of your mind and through higher self's eyes helps you notice it's all small. You can figure it out. There are solutions. It just takes YOU to put into action what you seek and stick to it.

   The more you realize thoughts and past traumas are keys to unlocking yourself the easier it will become. It isn't a fast journey but it is worth it because YOU are worth it.  Every being can make a difference. When you "let go" you allow space for more growth to come into your life and you begin to erase karma that no longer serves your path. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself and those that you feel crossed your life in a bad way. They are all lessons you can move and heal from. When you hold on you hold yourself back.One day at a time you will be your future self you seek when you continue to find your way through the art of letting go. 

   Understand, you always have been safe & you don't need to be in control of your environment. Just create with true actions that represent YOU. 

Be patient with your process my friends. 

Much love, SpaceStoria

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