Blocked by Human Logic

       Many of us who have done some deep research into the Universe may have heard that "human logic" is what blocks one from truly understanding the Universe, also blocking Oneself from connecting with the universe. We tend to seek for the perfect answer and because of this it can block frequencies within yourself that you did not even know you had to begin with. 
    It can be hard at first, to imagine something outside of yourself being so much bigger than us here. Especially if you are in a constant cycle of work, cleaning, attending family or friends, everyday needs and wants. It can all feel so overwhelming and block the mind from thinking bigger for oneself. Some humans begin to feel helpless , assuming this is how life is all it's meant to be and with the idea that if they are good enough they can step through the shiny gates of Heaven in the end. Some believe nothing happens at all after, just death. It is your free will to choose what happens after but Is it really that simple? Does that not create even more questions than answers? Created humans just to follow the steps of others and die? 

    This cycle of thinking does nothing for oneself but create more of a confusion or for others creates a lack of motivation. The truth is simple but since we tend to latch to our human logic we make it difficult. The truth is we don’t have to look outside of ourselves for the answers. You as a human being are the answer. Each being has a choice how to live their life. You have the power of free-will to change your life around little by little if you truly want to, no excuses.  Not even the government can change your power of free-will, it is YOURS. Human logic fights to find ways to create excuses and what ifs.  Don’t fear the challenge of becoming the best you. It will take steps and actions because nothing happens overnight but that is the point, it is the art of creating. Creating a life you see fit for yourself. A life that is balanced, healthy, observant, loving, freeing, and joyful. It is your choice to create that life but only by your action and commitment to change. 

   You see, the truth does not lie in whether we go to heaven for being good or we are here for no reason just to live and die. The experience is here on Earth as you live, walk and breathe. Your everyday is the heaven. Your moments with other humans, you spreading love, you breathing oxygen into your lungs…ect. You have the power of breaking your cycle if you are not happy with the experience here thus far, change how you are viewing the experience. Change in a manner that helps you move with love. Having a hard time with love? Take the steps to heal the love that you feel is broken within you. It only takes YOU to heal that love. Read things that help you self improve, learn new things, stay still with yourself to learn who you are, healthy hobbies ect. It will take work to change your life but it won’t take nothing but your will power. It’s free to start and life changing through the process. You can continue to play survivor or victim with yourself but the truth will be in your actions who you choose to be.
   The first steps to understanding the Universe is understanding yourself. It has nothing to do with thinking with human logic. Simply learning Oneself and Respecting the energies at play. Be willing to release such a tight hold on your logic of the world around you. Let your mind grow so you give space to the energy around to provide new opportunities.   Don’t overthink the religion, science, conspiracies that go into it all. Trust YOU, trust why you were created here and trust that YOU have to make the difference. It comes magically when you do your part. Trust that the Universe, God, Science, (whatever you choose to call it respectively) knows what it needs to do to build you into who you are. Help yourself by taking the steps towards creating a life that the Universe can help you sustain that is balanced, safe, healthy and heals you. Practice spending time understanding yourself / others, practice being kind to yourself / others , ect. The energy provided here on Earth knows when you are creating art with your life. Be patient with your process, create the actions, change the perspective and always stick to it.
I love you my friends. keep moving forward. 

“You can either live logically or magically. It is your choice.” -Sadhguru
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Great read and reminder of how life can be so simple! This was so refreshing to read. That self help, motivation. Appreciate you gathering your love and thoughts and pouring it into us ❤️

María Saez

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