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High-quality Art Print by SpaceStoria.
Two Available Sizes : 8.5" X 11" OR 13" X 19"
I remember when I couldn’t figure out what exactly was my destination in life. Was it to be some 9-5 professional? Maybe I was to be the perfect house spouse/parent? Maybe I had to be the perfect women in societies eyes? So many questions but no answer, survival mode went on for years. In a blink of an eye..who was I?

- I just couldn’t figure it out. WHAT WAS MY DESTINATION? Why? I didn’t get it. I was being a good spouse, good parent, good friend, I had what I thought was my dream job …I loved my life but something just felt empty, what else?! I was Confused , depressed, bored and I felt lonely. So many people around yet no answers. WHAT WAS MY DESTINATION?!

- And then, a few years ago, one night. One random night. I realized…wow, It’s me. I’m my destination. I am what I been longing to understand. I am the mystery to solve. I am the journey. I am the happiness I just didn’t see it. I feel empty because I didn’t know and understand who I was!

- I let societies opinions get in the way of what I and who I am. I am me. My job is to be exactly that.. ME! I had to get comfortable truly being myself. I had to Be me even if people don’t understand or if it makes them uncomfortable. Set my boundaries. Eat healthier . Live for all the small vibes! I been blessed with this vessel so I can experience Earth, what more could I want?! The rest was up to me! I was simply seeking what most of us seek..a answer and I got it , now it was up to me! To me to wake up and choose to be THE BEST ME !

-Be the best YOU everyday so you can live in your true happy and healthy life. It’s possible. I did it and I never thought I could. I found my destination and I only wish for you to seek yours. So much love to everyone ❤️SpaceStoria
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