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Integrating Our Fragmentation

Integrating Our Fragmentation

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High-quality Art Print by SpaceStoria.
Two Available Sizes : 8.5" X 11" OR 13" X 19"
when one integrates within they are simply allowing a joyful path to unfold. There are four main levels that integration must take place to become more accessible to ones higher self : Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical.

Mental: Working on ones thought process to be clear, positive, and open to learning more for growth . Learning to understand your habits rather than judge them and making the difference to break those habits. When You change your mindset , you change your life.

Emotional: Learning how to embrace the natural human emotions but not attaching to the emotion. Understanding that emotion is to flow through the body and to be looked at as an observation of one self.
Example: your child yells at you and you tell back. Afterwards you feel “guilt” , “anger” or “sadness” for yelling at your child. Understand the emotions, make contact with them. Why do you have to react back in that manner? What can you do better the next time? Don’t take emotion personal. Just learn from it and do better next time. Don’t judge your emotions or stay attached them. They are just energies expressing themselves passing through your body. You can control your reactions to them.

Spiritual: Learning to transcend the minds ego games and to see ones true self. Doesn’t matter how one “sees” their God. Doesn’t matter his hair color or where he lived. What matters is the teaching that have been taught. The teaching of ones true self . Work on yourself, love yourself, find the passion and creativity that drives you towards your true self. This experience shines through and moves those around you to find themselves.

Physical: Moving through ones fear of differences. To understand that you are part of something so much bigger so the physical isn’t actually about this 3d experience. The physical is a full understanding that we all come from the same place and process. We are all one. We build community and love together and within one another.
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