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Astronaut & Eve

Astronaut & Eve

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High-quality Art Print by SpaceStoria.

Two Available Sizes : 8.5" X 11" OR 13" X 19"

I use to get so caught up just pondering. Thinking if I’m even doing all this “right or wrong” , did I eat a forbidden fruit that led me to feel like the worst me in the past?
- Now ,after years of reversing my own damage I created within myself, I’m so happy with just knowing it’s all a big beautiful mystery. All I know is I came here by choice, I am energy, I am love, I have purpose and I will continue to use my free will for my true purposes . It was hard at first trying to understand what I am doing here, well what we ALL are doing here, but after soul searching and learning it all makes since to me so I will keep living my purpose how I see and feel right. You aren’t a bad Apple …. Just learned a lot of bad habits . Turn that around for yourself and become the best you. Currently reading a book titled “Prism Of Lyra

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