Spacestoria was created in 2020 as a product of my awakening. My awakening triggered me to start the search of God, the search of ONE, the search of the inner being many speak of. I was initially in awe with my mindset when I realized I was not who I thought I was. I began to learn who I truly was by reading, mediating, slowing down, observing, healing and breaking habits. It took a few years but the way my life has changed truly feels like magic. The magic that is out there for everyone. Little by little unlocking levels within myself to hopefully help heal others in some way. 

   I express myself by creating sci-fi digital art based on human awakening, dreams, books, and thoughts. I, also, took on blogging as a form of expression; writing about the things i've learned through my journey, books i've read, mediation experiences and workshops i've watched. I try my best to incorporate all I can into Spacestoria that can open viewers eyes to the colorful life ahead and the colorful life you can have now. I hope Spacestoria can bring you a new perspective into who you are through my art or blogs. If not, even creating a vibe for yourself or your room with Spacestoria gear and products that I designed and have available. 

   Whatever you are here for, I am grateful you are here. May we all continue to love, grow and learn.