Spacestoria was created in 2020 as a product of my awakening. My awakening triggered me to start the search of God, learn about "hidden" history, and understanding my Higher Self. I was initially in awe with my mindset when I realized I was not who I thought I was. I began to learn who I truly was by reading, mediating, slowing down, observing, healing and breaking habits. It took a few years but the way my life has changed truly feels like magic, and magic I wish to share. Little by little unlocking levels within myself has shifted me into a whole new reality on Earth that I use to dream of.

Hopefully, Spacestoria can help heal others in some way. 

   I express myself by creating sci-fi digital art based on human awakening, dreams, books, and thoughts. I, also, took on blogging as a form of expression. Writing about things i've learned through my journey, books i've read, mediation experiences and workshops i've watched. I try my best to incorporate all I can into Spacestoria that can open viewers eyes to the colorful life ahead and the colorful life you can have now. I hope Spacestoria can bring you a new perspective into who you are through my art or blogs. 

   Whatever you are here for, I am grateful you are here. May we all continue to love, grow and learn.