God's Masculine & Feminine Energy

    There are many definitions used for the understanding of masculinity and femininity. Some use these terms to draw a straight line to what is "boy" and "girl." To create balance in one self with these terms we will need to step outside the box of what we have all been taught. We will take this concept back to the beginning of God.

   Nothing happens outside of God, everything is happening within God, including the fragmentation that first started life itself. For everything to be created God needed to create the act of fragmentation within himself first.  When the act of  fragmentation occurred it created the energy "masculinity." This did not mean the energy is a "boy" it simply means Gods act of fragmentation is masculine.

Masculinity = Act Of Fragmentation

Masculinity Traits= Fearlessness, Willingness to explore, Leadership

   The first species that experienced life after fragmentation were made only with masculine energy. Due to them being created with a masculine energy they continued to only know of that energy within themselves. Eventually, some of the species realized that even though their energy of masculinity had strong traits, (such as: fearlessness, exploration, and mental strength) Overtime the Universe needed to evolve, so for that to occur the act of "femininity" was required. 

Femininity= Integration

Femininity Traits=  Flowing with the Universe, Peace, Letting go 

    When masculine species did not want to balance femininity into their selfs and society this led to a split amongst the species. The species divided into those that chose to be masculine and those that chose to be feminine.  Feminine energy does not mean to be a "girl" it means to be integrated energy. Feminine energy is to have traits such as in touch with one self, being harmonic, flowing with the universe, and nourishing. Eventually, the divide led to those that chose feminine energy to create their own society. 

   Even though the feminine energy species lived in peace with the society they created, Something unexpected happened overtime.This experience of extreme masculinity and extreme femininity led to a discovery. A discovery that would shift their understanding: balance of both energies were required within self, collective and the society for evolution to occur. A species can not survive harmonically on just feminine energy or on just masculine energy. The two energies must work together to create harmony. 

   As Lyssa Holt mentions [ "The Golden Lake" ] : Male and Female energies must marry within oneself.  

    The divide between the energies were a process of self evolution within God. It was first expressed as masculine energy but formed it's other half of femininity through understanding itself in the evolutionary process. Merely, an evolution of energies and a balance of them and we all go through this on an individual level. We all must find the balance of masculinity and femininity within ourselves to find ourselves.

   Masculinity is the energy of strength, determination, ambition, fearlessness, and exploration within you. Femininity is the energy of love, guidance, nourishment, understanding, patience, and integration within you.

   If you feel more in-tune with one energy than the other that is fine, but understand that is a preference mainly created by ego. Your true nature is to rest in the balance of both energies. Don't shut out a crucial part of your whole experience which is to find the balance between your masculine and feminine energy so you can be more comfortable and understanding of who you are and the world around you. There are many distractions around these two energies that are truly amazing energies available to you to help you learn and be the best YOU.

Find your truth and walk that path. 


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