Understanding The Secrets Of Amenti

   "The Secrets of Amenti" was a contract that was put into place millions of years ago by our Founders. Our Founders put this into place due to distortions that would happen in our time matrix. These distortions were due to otherworldly beings that had their own agendas with planet Earth/ the time matrix Earth resides in. The Founders placed a  blue flame energy into the core of Earth. This energy was meant to help human beings, if harnessed accordingly, to restore, re-awaken their true DNA and help Earth in its planetary ascension. 

   In earlier times, an example of an era that knew of this: Ancient Egyptians were taught about the blue flame energy in Earth's core. Otherworldly beings that knew of this blue flame energy would teach it to the "high priest" and "pharaoh"  of those times. The high priest and pharaohs kept this information amongst themselves. Only those who they deemed "Elite" would know of this energy, thus creating a slavery society. Little did the "elite" know they are just small puppets to a very big story. Like the one we still live in to this day with our goverments.

   Our truth should be a knowledge that is for ALL human beings to know. 

   I have attached a video below with a deep dive into The secrets of Amenti for those that would like to learn more. 


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I am sooo drawn to this 😩. Something is remembering something inside of me. Thank you 🙏


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