Understanding Density & beyond: One Consciousness

   We will begin by a quick clarification of what exactly densities & One Consciousness are. Densities are different levels (frequencies) that Consciousness is Expressing itself through. 1st density slowly transitioning to 2nd density, transitioning into 3rd, then 4th & so on.  Consciousness goes through these densities WITHIN the One Consciousness itself. When we speak of the "One Consciousness" this is the term for Creator of All, Our Creator, God. Consciousness is “separated” from One Consciousness during the process of densities. Keep in mind: consciousness is never truly “separate” from One Consciousness , it is within it.  In each density level, Consciousness expresses itself differently, this means it has different characteristics in each density. Learning this can help you understand a part of the process created by the One Consciousness, which is learning a big part of YOU. 

   For a bigger view on One Consciousness before we continue: Everything is within this One Consciousness, nothing is outside of it, including you on Earth and all the other you's in other dimensions. Everything is in One Consciousness. All of the Universe, Dimensions, Densities and Galaxies are in the One Consciousness. The Golden Lake by Lyssa Holt explains it is as if we are all in one big golden lake. Everything within the lake IS One Consciousness. Learning, growing, moving, breathing, expressing and creating. Everything a part of ONE is a part of YOU because One Consciousness is YOU. You are swimming in the lake of One Consciousness. Now, you are here on Earth as a Part of One itself, Expressing itself here and now, you are in this 3rd density planet slowly transitioning, naturally, into 4th density.

   As Consciousness learns and grows it does so slowly, it takes it's time. As described by Lyssa holt "the rainbow is a wonderful metaphor for the density spectrum." The colors on a rainbow gradually change/ blend from one color to the next. This is how how shifts from density to density occur. Consciousness shifts gradually into the next density. 

   First Density

  Consciousness expresses itself in first density as Elements and Minerals. Consciousness works as a collective here to help form the consciousness of a planet. Elements helping to create planets such as ours here, Earth.  

Second Density 

   As we gradually shift into second density consciousness is now expressing itself as plants and we begin to see itself expressing as animals as well. Second density is where we begin to see a ego structure begin, because an ego structure is slowly forming here, we have animals in this density. Animals show ego structures. Animals , such as Chimpanzees and Dogs, have more of an ego structure as we get closer to third density.

Third Density 

   In third density we have the life forms that have an ego structure, such as humans. The ego structure in third density is used an an anchor to help keep you separated from the One Consciousness so you can focus on your experience, our experience is here on Earth. Not only does ego attach you to your physical body but it is what keeps you focused/ attached to this planet. Third density feels the most difficult because it is also known to be the most “separated” density from the One Consciousness. When humans begin to move higher up third density ( you would do your own individual work, inner work) and move slowly into fourth density it can be difficult for the ego structure due to all the changes, so it can cause a time of fear in the individual. Some get overwhelmed due to their perspective on the belief system changing and change of view of how society works. I've wrote about this in my "Death of Ego" blog (https://spacestoria.com/blogs/spacestoria-blogs/death-of-ego) for this transitional period. Conscious gradually continues to grow through this period and you slowly find a balance within yourself. Slowly finding a balance of ego, spirit, conscious begin and consciousness will then begin into fourth density.

Fourth Density

   Fourth density consciousness is expressing itself more balanced. Consciousness has transitioned into balancing "heart and mind" and as others put it balancing "feminine and masculine" energy.  Ego structure would be in this density but not for the reasons of third density. In fourth density ego is only used to help keep the being in a physical body, it is beginning learn to think more collective and be more light body. 

Fifth Density

   As Consciousness moves into fifth density, consciousness begins to express more of a group-thought-process rather than singular-thought-process. Unlike, third density that is singular-thought-process. The ego structure is not much of an attachment in this density due to the conscious forming as light energy. It has no need for ego structure and is built off of light energy with little physical body use needed, more of a light body.    

Sixth density

   In sixth density consciousness is no longer in need of ego and is thinking even more as a group, a light form. Here you are moving closer to One Consciousness in its true form, moving closer to "Home". Also, physical bodies are no longer needed. Consciousness is expressing itself in a Christ/Buddha like light energy. Here consciousness can help out other consciousness in other densities if must. 

Seventh Density

   In seventh density we have consciousness expressing itself to the closes form of One consciousness. Consciousness is working and thinking as a collective group in this density. These are full light bodies, . These are known as "The founders" the ones that partook in creating at the very begining of all and continue to do so for the One Consciousness. Consciousness goes deeper into seventh density being closes to One consciousness.


   It is all a process that is One Consciousness. Learning, creating, breathing ,moving, seeing,feeling, & expressing. You can help yourself gradually transition into 4th density by doing your own individual inner work. Healing, forgiving, letting go, learning and opening your mind. There are steps to take that can change your life. With your actions, focus, intention, and consistency. It is what works for you, their is no linear path to your ascension. Growth is a part of your process no matter the day, time, year or planet. You are Consciousness moving. 


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