Beauty Of Confusion

   There are tons of ideas of what you should be doing, what society expects from you, what others think of you and who you are. It can make one go through stages of confusion. Sometimes this confusion can trickle its way down into you and begin to make you feel "less than." It makes you think that maybe you might not ever be able to find peace. You may even have the feeling of "what's the point of all this?" I am here to explain to you that YOU are the point. We are here today to help you let go of the limit you may believe is there. Let us dig down into this confusion to uncover what it truly means to be YOU.

   As our dear friend Bashar says: "Confusion? HOW EXCITING!"

   We will start by saying: CONFUSION IS NORMAL! Nothing is wrong with you. Being human is not as easy task to understand, especially since you are not given what we feel is clear instructions. So, confusion occurring during your life is NORMAL. Your response to the confusion is what is important. Do you respond in a manner of love, learning and understanding for yourself? Or do you respond in a manner that creates disapproval and close minded thoughts/ actions for yourself? 

   Confront with yourself what is it exactly that is confusing you. Are you confused about your career? Are you confused about your past traumas? Your family?friends? Your thoughts? Break it down. If the answer is all of the above, THAT IS OK! You are allowed to have confusion in your life. The point is WHAT DO YOU DO TO CLEAR THE CONFUSION. If you continue to push the confusion away it will never get resolved which can led you to feel unstable overall. Self inflicted karma ( I discuss this in another blog). These moments in your life allow you the opportunity to create for yourself and begin to take the steps towards what you do want. Tired of the job? Begin to look into new options. Having trouble with trauma? sit on it and find the power within yourself to start healing it. Nothing needs to be resolved overnight, but steps can happen. Day by day you slowly remove the fog in your head.

   We were created to experience. Each experience helps the universe create onto itself. The Universe itself created confusion. It is a type of playful energy, if you will. Don't expect to have yourself figured out immediately but you can take the step of being more gentle with yourself, not to ignore the problem. Don't push back your happiness because you fear moving a new direction. If one way isn't working for you, be open enough to open up to another answer. Handling situations one moment at a time. Each suffering. Each happy moment. Each painful moment. Each peaceful moment. It all holds a balance. It all holds a valuable lesson. A balance that may be difficult to understand right now but just know your point in it all: GROWTH. The action you can take is your self growth process. When you grow you help Earth heal. You are helping the Universe experience life through you. One individual at a time. The universe provides what you will need when you need it and it will occur in abundance as long as you continue to choose growth. Its ok to be confused just CHOOSE to continue your growth. When you choose to not act on your confusion to heal you begin to limit yourself and the opportunities you can create. As you learn and decode yourself you will see the confusion less and feel yourself more. 

  No one knows you better than YOU. If you want to remove the confusion, accept yourself and make choices that represent a happier you. Society doesn't know you. You know YOU. Give yourself the opportunity to hear yourself and the little voice you hear that helps you move forward That is YOU. That is the Universe speaking through you. So, if you are confused simply look into more options for yourself. The option that provides you healthy and happy growth. Not everyday will be perfect but everyday you can put in the effort for yourself, for your future. You are here to experience breaking your own limits if that is what you CHOOSE. Its not a easy choice and it does require action but the Universe will bless you tenfold. 


Peace and love my friends, Spacestoria.


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