The Pleiadians: Galactic Family Message For Earth

There are many starseeds in the mix here on Earth that have come down whether it is for visits, experiments, interaction, chaos, healing & even, for helping humanity.

One species that has had, and continues to have, interaction with Earth are the Pleiadian Species. 

Many Pleiadians now have set their agenda towards helping humanity and helping humans discovering "one's true self". They have been reaching out to Earth for many years, waiting for more to awaken to help carry the message for humanity and help make a difference for Earth. 

Many of us have embedded in our DNA various DNA from different species that is not from Earth. Millions of humans carry Pleiadian roots and many can channel Pleiadian messages if you are aware and aligned, looking and learning more. They wish to continue to share much knowledge about us and Earth. You don't need to have Pleiadian roots to be able to channel them but it does require a lot of dedication, love and an open mind to be able to channel.  

I have attached a video of a audio book ( The Book: Bringers Of Dawn by Barbara Marciniak ) that I greatly admire. This book was referenced to me by a light friend. It is inspirational, helpful, and full of knowledge. This book (audio book linked) has a very clear message for us all on how to begin for ourselves if you have yet to find a way. 

Let us grow as a beautiful collective. We are a community but it starts with you. 

I hope this helps you begin your journey into learning more about yourself . Much love to everyone.

 ( The last video I had attached got deleted by Youtube so I have shared another video of the audio book of Bringers Of Dawn )

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