The Past, Present & Future

   What you are about to read may feel questionable but I merely want to share a story with you that may help some of you remember a part of your soul's journey. This will be a general overview of a small part of our history that created Earth and a part of how we came to be on Earth. It begins in one of our home planets: Terra. To understand Terra we have to take this back a few million of years ago. Yes, millions. 


   Terra is and was the “Garden of Eve” in a sense. A evolved species known as the Terraniums inhabited this planet. Terraniums we’re created by a few different Founders. “Founders”, are higher ascended versions, a collective group. Founders at a much higher frequency than us put together their DNA to help create a beautiful, harmonic, and intelligent species known as the Terraniums. 

  There was peace for a long time on Terra. Many different species from other planetary systems came to Terra to learn and experience. Overtime the DNA in the population begin to change due to interbreeding with other species that visited. The DNA was no longer holding its original blueprint so Terraniums were beginning to become aggressive and authoritative overtime. 

   A majority of Terraniums did not want to lose their harmonic lifestyle so they asked founders for help. Founders put into motion a plan to get the Terraniums that did not want to live in a authoritative society, across the sea to a land that was uninhabited. In these lands across the sea, they could continue their peace. Overtime, the authoritative Terraniums decided to go to war with the Harmonic Terraniums across sea due to them wanting to push a authoritative life onto everyone on the planet.

War began. 

   The planet Tara is a higher being in the process of evolution, a ascension process. When war happened on Tara, the planet could no longer hold it’s true frequency. Due to Tara not being able to ascend because of the war amongst the Terraniums causing the frequency to get damaged, Tara implodes.

   When Tara imploded it got stuck in time in the Harmonic Universe 2. When Tara imploded it created a effect that caused it to get stuck in time, this did not allow for the beings in that Time matrix to ascend. Founders didn’t want to lose Tara, all the progress, beings, DNA and evolution so a new plan was put into place once they foresaw the war coming.

   After Tara’s implosion, Founders used a piece of Tara to create Earth in Harmonic Universe 1, the frequency below Harmonic Universe 2. That way the Terrariums that would get lost due to Tara’s implosion now had a opportunity to ascend again by going through Earth first. A new learning and evolutionary process to insure Tara does not implode again the in future/past. Through Terraniums ascension and Earth’s ascension , it all evolves back into Planet Tara and fixes the past Tara.

   Earth is in a evolutionary process just like the awakened beings on this Planet are. You have process and there will be more to your journey. Our next journey will be planet Tara. In it’s unity and harmony. So Tara can continue it’s own ascension into Gaia. 

   We are in the middle of a very well orchestrated  evolutionary process. In all of this: YOU have purpose, you always have. You are a part of God experiencing evolution and your ascension process. Be the best you and Discover yourself so you can shine your light onto those that are looking for their candle to be lit. 

For more information there is a book: Voyagers: Secrets Of Amenti ll . It discusses this in depth and much more information. 


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