The Maharic Seal Activation Process

Leslie Rosado

The Maharic Seal is a way to activate your original DNA. We all have a Maharic seal / shield.

Activating the Maharic shield will help protect you from interdimensional frequencies that are meant to manipulate and corrupt your original DNA .We originally are 12 strand DNA but are now 2 strand DNA due to manipulation of our DNA throughout the centuries on Earth. Practicing activating your Maharic seal will help you deflect anything that is not of light frequency. 

Be patient. This practice does take a while to learn so do not be in a rush, you want to understand what you are doing so the intentions are clear. Continue as much as you can to practice the steps. 

Below is attached the pdf format that will take you step by step through this process. This Step by step process was shared & taught by Ashayana & Azartan Deane during MCEO Teachings workshops.

Much love to everyone and keep moving forward!



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