The Maharic Seal Activation Process

   The Maharic Seal is a technique that is used to help activate your original DNA. We all have a Maharic seal / shield. This specific teaching is taught by Ashayana Deane ( PDF file and link attached at the end of this blog. ) 

    Activating the Maharic shield is a practice to help protect you from frequencies that are meant to manipulate and corrupt your original DNA. Practicing activating your Maharic seal will help you deflect anything that is not of alignment with your frequency. 

    Also, always remember a technique that can help you in your present time NOW: creating healthy ACTIONS & REACTIONS to life and the experiences around you. This helps keep you in alignment with your true journey. If you feel things are not correct on your path at the moment: stop and re-evaluate your actions/reactions. Practice healing your thought process and growing into a better YOU every moment you can. 

      Below is attached the pdf format and link that will take you step by step through this process. This Step by step process was shared & taught by Ashayana & Azartan Deane during MCEO Teachings workshops.

   Be patient. This practice does take a while to learn so do not be in a rush, you want to understand what you are doing so the intentions are clear. Continue as much as you can to practice the steps.

Much love to everyone and keep moving forward!



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Please send the pdf thank you love and light

Catherine Elledge

Good evening 🙏🏻
Would you please send me the activation process of the maharic seal..
Eternally Grateful in advance..
Eternal unconditional love for you and your lovely family.


Thank you!


Eu am vraji vreau da scap de asa ceva si sa am o protectie sa nu mai mi se faca nimic rau

Thomuller Dana

Vreau si eu o protetie pt

Thomuller Dana

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