Magic In Walking With Faith


Faith is not about a perfect image of God. Faith is the feeling, the knowing that there is God without needing the justification by ideology, images, science nor  man.

"Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven image, nor the likeness of anything that is in heaven above;...thou shalt not bow down to them, nor worship them."

   I know nothing, only what I experience, and what I experience is a reflection of my own doings.

  I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for my yearning desire to understand and follow faith. Faith moved me into a whole new reality, a reality I use to daydream about. Emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, even environmentally; My entire life changed by finding faith and walking the path of faith. This is from my own experience with faith. Simply sharing what faith has done for my life in hopes that this helps others.  

Where is the faith?

   Many go about their days like nothing is going on, as if it normal to stick to a routine they are tired of, sick of. Humans have forgotten their true roles, their roles of using their free will. Many giving up on hobbies they love, ideas, and family. Succumbing to the fear in the media, New world agenda ideology, and getting stuck in the loop hole of technology. We rely on time (clocks) to tell us when to eat, what to do, where to go, ect. We rely on companies, jobs we dislike, to care for us knowing those companies are just finding ways to cut down more employee costs. Stuck in pay-check-to-pay-check lifestyles, others trying to chase money to have a lavish lifestyle media pushes. Shuffling day by day, wondering "what is the point?." Many around adding on by saying "Oh, get use to it" or "this is normal." Leading one to feel alone, depressed, misunderstood and trapped in never ending quicksand. Where is the TRUE faith of trusting flow here? There is none. This use to be me.

   On the other hand, some humans have realized this is a system at play by the new world agenda but feel burdened by knowing this information and feel like it's hopeless because others won't listen. So much information on conspiracies, the corrupted media, corrupted government, aliens, gods, life and our souls but many just debunk it. Forcing some humans that are trying to fully awaken to go back to their daily day-to-day lives while consistently thinking of all the doings of the "New world agenda". Shutting yourself down thinking " there is nothing I can do anyway, right?" Some decide to take these topics and explain them to people whether it's creating videos, seminars, workshops, ect. Many find these helpful in understanding themselves and the system at play. I began to learn alot of new and old information but it left me still feeling stuck in the systems agenda. I wanted freedom. 

Third Option

   After a while I decided I wouldn't succumb to either of those two extremes, I would find my third option. An option that would change my life, for real. An option that I knew existed if I just surrender into it. The option of learning more even if it scared me. I would continue my journey into learning more even if it was a "burden". I found that the more I learned the more I heard consciousness, the more faith I felt, the more my life around me began to transform, my true personality was flourishing, and the more comfortable I felt socializing being myself and understanding others. I began to truly love and understand in my own ways what God has created here and that idea is up to the individual by their actions and beliefs. Learning was no longer a burden, it helped me see the truth and lift my veil. I took learning into all aspects of my life such as learning to be better to myself, relationships, career, social skills, reading self development, learning things that are out-of-the-box, just LEARNING. The more I walked my path of faith, the more I learned about myself, others, life and being the best soul I can be here on Earth; the more God gifted me. The more God gifted the more I began to realize that he was blessing me for working through all of it. There was a true magic at play that is hard to see because you cannot see it. It requires your trust in faith. Your trust in your process here on Earth, on this Journey. The feeling, finding the best ways to be authentic to yourself and those around you. I continued my steps of being the best i can and to continue to learn and it led to magic. Different "risks" (making choices that not the common person would make) were taken to get here but well-calculated risks with A LOT of faith. There were moments I would double-think that maybe I was "wishful thinking" but as I continued I realized, I was not. Overtime this magic has been at play, walking with faith, and I realized I should tell others about this and this is where I found my third option. My third option is to spread messages about the magic the Universe has to offer when you make the conscious choice to be your best self and walk with faith, which in return has a positive effect on those around you and Earth. 

Magic In Walking with Faith

   The key is FAITH. The more I went by my soul's feelings, my intentions and Universal flow, everything began to connect. Faith was becoming magic. I sticked to my plan on continuing my self development, even to this day. Taking each day and working on it where I can and when I can, in those exact moments. Fixing my reactions to the things in my daily life ( Example: being kind even if juice got spilled on the couch, using it as a learning experience rather than pushing fear to instill authority) . Finding softer ways to say things to others because the point is for one another to listen and its ok if we have differences. Realizing not everyday is perfect but you have air to breathe and you are alive. Being open to conversations and ideas. Faith requires you to move with flow and expand your mind so new door ways can open for you.

   You don't need to rely on comfort when you have faith. You understand when you truly move with faith you flow to where it flows you, your job is just to make the choices and create the positive actions that help your alignment. When you move with faith it takes you to the places in life that you wouldn't have even imagined at times, faith knows where you must be and what you must learn first. It is not to move blindly into an idea, but rather to organize a path that leads you to the best version of YOU. The version that thrives even on difficult days. You become that person by taking the steps NOW to do it. If you know you should be kinder, be kinder in your next conversation, if that didn't work out TRY AGAIN. Faith requires you not to give up but to be self aware so you can readjust and grow.  When you walk with faith you understand you will find a way through it ALL. Don't be caught up in the past, there is nothing for you there but lessons, take those lessons remember them and learn from them. As for the future, if you walk with faith you know that it all comes together. All you can do is work on your NOW, which in return will help to put together your future and heal your past. 

   When you walk with God, When you walk with your faith it truly shows.

   No system or government can take that power from you or force you to see God in a specific way. Do not worship false ideals that give you no solution. Media, music, celebrities, false Gods, energies that are considered Gods: these are all false ideals. Do not let their ideas force fear into you. You have a better chance at becoming the best version of yourself in this lifetime by listening to your true faith and making the choices and actions that heal, help, and create growth day-by-day. Take time to get to know you and trust you so you can help spread the message to those closest to you. They will see your life glow and wonder "what was the secret?" and the answer is simple: Faith. There is magic when you feel your faith and take the steps to walk in it. 

    You are not alone, you never have been. Use your free will to help break you free from the human logic and into your true faith that you feel within and around you. 


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