Why would a species manipulate Earth?

This is a more of a broken down explanation I have put together for those that are curious:

There has been polarity in the Universe since the beginning of time. This polarity is two opposites (Example: Yang & yang) polarity created many species to have different views and ideas causing tension to occur. Instead of certain species learning about balancing the polarity they would “choose a side” which leds to no solution. Overtime this tension has been brought to Earth. Some species wish to have one agenda with Earth while other species wish to help Earth in the Ascension process created by the Universe. 

When Earth was created it had a lot of special “qualities” to it that made it desirable for species to want to conquer since Earth has no Ruler. Earth is very unique, and so are we ,the humans on it.  We are of much value, especially when thinking of energy scale and work value .

Different species came down throughout times presenting themselves as various “God”s and many humans fell for it. Also, these species fell into a trap themselves after playing God, they fell into the trap of their Ego. As for the humans, Little did we know, there were not Gods. Simply, species that came down and had advanced technology we did not have yet. 

Earth’s frequency continued to be messed with by various species that wanted to manipulate Earths grid. Overtime time we forgot more and more of who we truly are. We are beautiful energy with mix of many DNA. We all come from many different star systems to experience and help Earth , also to assist our own individual ascension process .


How it affects us? One of the main ways they control is ‘the government system’ since government was created by them . Also, Understand it’s not that they are running around as “aliens” (it’s beyond that) , many of the people in the government are mainly puppets who don’t even understand their role in the bigger agenda. 

We were not meant to live under a “system” . We are suppose to evolve to live as community & harmony. Their manipulation in media, everyday society, news, history, even public schooling has steered us towards closing our minds and hearts. It all is a discretion to keep you from learning Earths true meaning and experience.

We are meant to love and create.

They created the system to trap us and divide us in it so we do not become enlightened. If we would all become enlightened it would affect them massively.

The number one most important thing you can do to help? Be the best YOU! Create , learn, love your true self & those around you, find hobbies you love and create the life YOU truly want. You have power in your choices. Earth is a Free Will planet. Don’t let no one take that from you and make you think you are nothing when in reality :  


we can heal Earth. One individual at a time. Do not stand divided. We stand together.

- Grow, heal,learn,love, grow and create! ❤️

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