Fall Of Metatron

   Information about Fall Of Metatron by Ashayana Deane. Ashayana does a great job helping put parts together of how our grid has been distorted and it’s up to us to help bring order of true humanity back. We help bring back true humanity by working on oneself and learning more about oneself so you can be the best YOU which will affect those in a positive manner around you.

    Ashayana presents a new point of view of Earth’s history. This may resonate with many.  Great information for those seeking answers about Earth, Universe, & Themselves. Please bare in mind all information you come across is bits and parts. One must continue to learn to put the pieces together for themself.

   It can be overwhelming coming across information like this if you are new to it. Take small steps in your awakening process and never fear learning something new. It can open you up to so much more.


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