Death of Ego

Leslie Rosado

Death of Ego

To understand what Death of Ego is we have to understand what Ego is and how it can help or affect you.
Ego isn’t “bad” nor is it “good”, it is merely a tool used for your experience. Ego was created so when it attaches to a soul it insures that the soul will have the experience of that reality they are born into, in this case Earth. Egos job is to keep you in the “separated reality” of Earth so you stay focused on your experience on Earth.
Example: you are a balloon but with no string so you continue to float without a attachment. When your balloon acquires the string to hold it to an object( Earth) , that string is what represents “Ego”. The string keeps you tied to the experience you are in (Earth) , which is a separated reality.
Ego is natural and it is part of every single one of us here on Earth. Ego is beautiful when the tool is used wisely, safely, correctly and with understanding.
Now, Going back to the balloon example: IF you FORGET that your string is just doing its job by holding you in this Earth experience, then the string (which is Ego) takes its job more serious. Ego overtime will make you believe this “attachment” (the string) is all there is because this is the “only” experience Ego believes. From there, you fall into full separation from who you truly are and forget you are a balloon that has always been free to float where it pleases. The string is just a tool to hold you to the experience, Earth .
If Ego is not addressed it can turn into a form of defense mechanism overtime and begin to learn all kinds of habits formed by watching others and society. It can be hard to find your true self after Ego continues to grab all kinds of learned habits that now one must unlearn. It is as if you go into “auto-pilot” and knowing you need to take the wheel and drive but continue to choose the same options, this starts cycles in many parts of one’s life. There is a way free from this auto-pilot that ego has took you on a ride for. It is: Unlearning habits that truly aren’t YOU. Unlearning habits is how Ego falls apart to be just the basic tool of just attachment again. Ego merely did its job over the years of protecting you but it begins to build and learn so much which can create confusion because you aren’t being YOU.
When one realizes Ego is the driver in almost every single day activities and thoughts it can feel chaotic. You begin to hear truly what you say, react and think. Which starts a build up of recognition within yourself that you have not been the driver for a very long time & it’s clearly not healthy. The Death of Ego has begun once you have realized it’s YOU. You are what must change to help everything around you grow. Your soul is crawling it’s way through to help you remind yourself of your true nature. 
Little by little you unlearn things that don’t serve a healthy purpose. Don’t expect yourself to fix many habits fast. It can feel overwhelming if you think of all the unlearning one must due, but never feel intimidated by the process. Simply: Be gentle with yourself. There will be habits that no longer serve you, so little by little shed yourself away from each habit that is holding you back. Maybe what's holding you back is how you react to certain situations, the way you talk to loved ones, or taking accountability for things you can correct. Depending on your experiences on Earth up to this moment you have learned certain habits. Many of us have the same habits due to similar experiences, (experience examples can be: childhood upbringings, social groups , locations, ect.) and that’s why we can be a “trigger” to one another but who you truly judge in the end is yourself.
When the Death of one’s Ego has begun it can feel confusing. Almost like if you were “fake” this whole time and now see clearly who you are but your current actions haven’t yet matched it. This can led a lot of individuals to get antsy or begin a shaming process within themselves because they realize how “out-of-touch” they were.
Back to “triggers” : When you see someone doing something you do or have done (or saw done) it can “trigger” you to react or judge them. If you have released certain triggers you wouldn’t react when others did it. The focus isn’t the other person, it’s yourself. What can you do to change how you feel about the trigger within yourself when others do it. A healthier & clearer solution on how to respond or even not respond at all if not needed. This is one way to work on habits you wish to unlearn. Ego makes you feel like you must judge rather then observe and understand. Working backwards on habits is a healthy way to learn why you do the habit in the first place.
Again, never be intimidated by the work you must do to achieve being the best YOU. If you want peace you have to work for it NOW through your daily actions & thoughts that is what will change your future. You must let ego slowly die and remind it that you are to flow with your experiences, not attach or judge. Ego is what chooses to judge or react. YOU, the true you, has the ability to be at peace and be ok with emotions as they pass through you but with no reaction (ego) attached.
Death of Ego is a beautiful process that is part of your experience here. Don’t judge yourself or others. Focus on creating a lifestyle for yourself that satisfies your experience here , not materialized, an experience more divine. A spiritual experience.

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