Dance For Love

I find myself to be in the mist of learning, growing, expanding and feeling so much more as the days go by. I've steadily been on the road to discovering and rediscovering what makes sense to me. This led me to a deep dive into learning about Humanity, Earth, History and the Universe over the past several years.

I've come across some pretty out-of-the-box thinking theories, I've shared some in my previous blogs, BUT to be honest some of them make much more sense to me than what I have been taught in our school system.

Yes some of these theories does involve some space alien buddies and some not so "buddy". We can just get that out of the way now because there is something much bigger at play. Once humanity begins to understand we are not the only species around, it can get the bigger picture moving faster and of course, some humans fall into some sort of shock or denial to what is truly going on. 

The bigger picture is: There are choices YOU can make to help yourself now and generations to come. Humanity and Earth are ready for the changes and we have been for generations. There is much change coming and it is best to be prepared by knowing who you truly are. When you understand what is going on, you don't fear. No one can deceive you and the light you have within you when you know the truth.

Society has formed such a thick cloud over the humans, their emotions and their thoughts. Whether it is using celebrity manipulation, social media, games, the food you eat, phones and now...the new machine, Meta Verse ( Facebook ). Everywhere you look there is something easily accessible for you to use and that's how the trap works. You lose yourself to the everyday "needs" and "wants" instead of breathing the air Earth offers with awareness and learning your truth. 

My point: There are steps one needs to take to be able to see what Earth truly is about and how you are meant to feel and think here.  You can make life and generational changes, that is in your control but you must take the steps to get there. There is learning you have to do to and a lot of unlearning.

You are not hopeless. You are powerful.

Your everyday choices are powerful.  

Below I have attached a video of the "Dance For Love" workshop for anyone interested in learning something new. You don't have to agree with everything in the video , I just share in hopes it opens an outlet into your discovery!

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