Secret To Consistency

   Wouldn't it be so helpful if there was some magic pill that could just keep us motivated and consistent. You see individuals that have made a successful life due to their consistency and motivation, it almost seems to be unachievable at times. One may think, "why can't I just stay motivated and do that? what's wrong with me? I just don't have the resources I need." The mind will create all sorts of ideas, judgments and excuses. Hopefully sooner than later you will realize, if you have not already,  that nothing is wrong with you. You are simply learning your way. Once you have come to surrender into your growth process you will continuously be able to get motivated for yourself towards pursuing the life and goals you want.


    The act of being consistent is when you do something steady / regularly. Now, Let's define what that means to you. Does being consistent mean doing something twice a week, once a month, every other day, or maybe it's everyday? Understand, one must be consistent but one doesn't have to do it everyday if that's not what you choose. When you are comparing your consistencies to others you are only stopping yourself from seeing your full potential long run. You just need to start. Even if its once a week, at least it is getting done or worked on. Starting a foundation for yourself is one of the best things you can do.  If you want to speak on terms of energy and receiving things in a "quicker time lapse" : The more you decide to be consistent the faster outcomes will occur. Many have understood this energy and use it to their advantage. Some don't even think of it as energy but understand the power of consistency. It's free to you.  


   Understand, Staying motivated and consistent is no easy task. It takes a lot of energy and work to be able to release yourself to your process in a comfortable manner that truly makes you happy All you must do  at the moment is be willing to take a few steps towards things that can help your life out. What separates someone that is happy/ successful is they know everything CAN be learned, there are no excuses. No matter how long it takes a person seeking success they will continue to pursue. One needs to open up their thinking and be willing to start that process for themself.  Maybe earlier today you decided to eat that apple instead of a donut because you want a cleaner eating habit, maybe the action of you reading this blog that has you thinking about things that are new to you. You don't need to be specific, you just need to start. Start with things that feel healthier for you. Its hard to let go of certain habits but little by little you can work yourself there. Be open to learning more about yourself and for yourself.


   If you have decided to be consistent this act is for YOU. This is for your growth.  If you want to begin to have a lifestyle that's true to YOU with passions, love, relationships, freedom work ethic, ect it takes consistency. Working on different aspects you imagine yourself growing from. This growth takes time, It doesn't have to be immediately but you are in control of your actions and what you choose to do. You have free-will here. Don't let fear or the "what-if" stop you. Create a plan for you that works and don't ever give up. Your blueprint on Earth truly matters. Let us continue to lead by example my friends. 



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