A war against humanity

   A "spiritual war" has been at play and it so happens that we are in the middle of it. 

    As certain events continue to unfold many souls will begin to see the truth. Though many see the truth, some will continue to choose avoid seeing it. The truth of seeing is the choice of the individual. This choice of energy was purposely created for many reasons, since thousands of years ago. You are a soul here with the ability to utilize your free-will. When you are not aware of the use of your free-will it allows for others to manipulate your judgment and actions; but nonetheless, understand, you are still the one making the choice to follow so you have chosen your play field. Making true choices that help you align with your purpose is a big part of your free-will. There is always a choice and that's where the spiritual war is at play.


   The truth: tactical corruption, lies, manipulation, greed, materialism, propaganda, vanity and misuse of God surrounds society. A agenda has been pushed unto the masses for centuries to keep those they need in place as modern slaves. Example of corruption: The system at work in the government for "Elites" also known as the "secret societies." Ah yes, the "Elites" and their "new world agenda." This is part of a truth and we are in the middle of it. Many do not realize these Elites have many "groups", "societies", and "religions" in almost every system possible around the world. Examples: Government officials (including presidents) , CEO of Banks, Religions, CEO of News Channels, Celebrities, Hollywood agents/actors/directors, Music Labels, Musicians, Theme parks , even the Space industry. Many turn a blind eye thinking there is no way that this group can have their hands in everything, but they do, and everywhere in the world, especially in America. 

   Why would a "Secret society" do this? THEY WANT SLAVES! "Out-of-the-box thinkers" are a danger to Elites that want to manipulate a planet, unless you join their ideologies of course. As some know and experienced, joining these ideologies is a dangerous game to play. The same families want to stay generationally wealthy for many more centuries while the "slaves" continue to create the economy for the wealthy (Example: Egypt during the time of pharaohs). These groups have been corrupting the world for centuries, and guess what? They are smart yet lost souls, sick minded and greedy individuals that have mastered a disturbing art form of brainwashing. They continue to create impressive tactics at deceiving the world, manipulating events and convincing the public that the government and society is "normal." 

 Awakening Opportunity

   Humans deny the truths rather than realizing this is a opportunity to awaken.  Societies goal is to create lost souls. Many not realizing if they do not awaken from this cycle they will continue it and never find their true fulfillment. Society is being led to a path that will never amount to who they truly are; therefore, this allows others to come and cloud their minds easily through ANY means necessary. Recently, many truths are exposing themselves, more individuals now see the truth exposed and are awakening, but the manipulation/brainwash is very difficult to break for some. Instead of hiding from these truths people must know so they can make a TRUE choice. When souls are at stake when does humanity finally stand up and say "enough"? I believe that time is now, what is happening now at this very moment, the world is awakening and we have front row sits to humanities awakening. The beginning of the end. Individuals realizing they are are soul and Earth has a deeper meaning and lessons learned here are the ticket for your soul's ascension. When you walk with truth and faith you begin to see the bigger picture! Recognize that the truth's unfolding are simply the process to the soul's awakening; therefore, accept the truths so the soul may continue the process into awakening. 


   People should be informed so they recognize life isn't what society is pushing onto them. There is much more instead of conforming to society. Choose to walk your path using your intuition and free-will that is your God-given-gift. Being YOU is the path. Finding better solutions, healing, learning, forgiving, loving, embracing and understanding are your keys to success and fulfillment, not what society offers. Look at what your true path has to offer, stick to those goals! Look at life through a new lens and change your script. You have purpose here and you make the choice of stepping into that role and figuring it out. If you don't bother to have a purpose then you are a target, society will continue to push it's narratives of purpose onto you so you stay stuck in a cycle. It is your choice whether you feed into society, or you can truly work on yourself and find better options! Fear is the tactic used to keep souls from awakening. Fear keeps people that have not discovered their light yet in the dark. Fear leaves people feeling lonely. Fear creates thoughts that nothing is worth the experience here. DO NOT FEED INTO THE FEAR! If you do feel frightened work on your faith base and the things you can do to help improve yourself. Little by little learn until more confidence is gained to truly stand up for YOU and those you love. Stand up for Faith and truth! Do not let a system divide us with a imaginary tales and their own use of definitions that do not define US. Be a truth seeker and walk the path that was meant for you. Know that you are allowed to feel good and you can feel good! Search for that inspiration within you and be patient with your awakening process. Break free from the chains, stand up and fight the good fight for humanity.

"Put on your full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes."


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