For those asking why would a species manipulate and want Earth?

This is a more of a “simple” explanation I have put together for those that are curious: There has been a war going on for Eons between different species even before Earth (For the sake of staying focused on the agenda of this blog I will not name any species at this time) . When Earth was created it had a lot of special “qualities “ to it that made it desirable for species to want to conquer since Earth has no Ruler. Earth is very unique and so are we ,the humans on it.  We are of much value,...

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The Golden Lake

"You don't need to believe in the reality of extraterrestrials to gain immense benefit from the wisdom in this book. These teachings are consciousness centered and based on the necessary integration of body, mind, spirit, and emotion, as well as light and shadow. Together, the Pleiadian and Sirian teachings provide an invaluable road map for the next phase of human evolution the integration of polarity and the awakening of human consciousness beyond duality." - I enjoyed this read very much, full of amazing information to help one understand the bigger purpose and how we all play a part in it....

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Stairway To Heaven

Clip From "Prepare For Contact" Workshop. Explanation of Kathara Grids & tons of information on what is to await for us after we finish our contract here and things we can do now to help and prepare. 

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Fall Of Metatron

Great information for those seeking answers! Ashayana Deane, a spokes being for Guardian Alliance, has been a very huge inspiration for my artworks in the past recent weeks! Very grateful to my dear friend, Yuliara, who suggested me this video and led into a amazing rabbit hole journey learning so much about our universe, galaxy, species, beings and so much more! 

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Hello friends! 

Here is a link to a inspirational 6 minute video, It is an interview with a man named Dandapani, he is very inspiring and helpful! Dandapani sparked my interest in doing better for myself, starting 4 years ago! Learning for yourself a healthy and better perspective is a great way to begin so you can be the best you and help others grow! 

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